A game of Monstrous Companions

What is a Grumploid?

A Grumploid is a monster in your mobile. Care for it, watch it grow, watch it hunger. Hunt in the real world to battle and collect other Grumploids. But careful! Our world is full of terrors, and death is final.

It all begins with an egg.


Care for your Grumploid, and watch it grow. It has a personality, needs food, attention and love, just like any pet. And just like any pet, it levels up to gain powerful new abilities to assist you on your adventures.

Or don't, and watch it wither and die. You monster.


The world of Grumploid is the real world. Walk down your street and find creatures lurking in the bushes, at your favourite coffee shop, under your bed. Tell your friends where you saw a Grumploid - they'll find it there too.


Forge your Grumploid in the fires of combat. Use your skills, wit and tactics to defeat your enemies. Drink the marrow from their broken bones to become more powerful, and revel in the spoils of the conquered.


Use the muck and filth picked from the ground to forge powerful items, and questionable new foods.

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